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Code ID: NeuExpert-PSG-B23
Model ID: NeuExpert-PSG-B23
Certificate: ISO, CE
Min. Order: 1 PCS
23-Channel PSG EEG
--Digital & Wireless Bluetooth PSG EEG (Polysomnography)
Model: NeuExpert-PSG-B23

1) 10 channels EEG and 13 channels polysomngraphy parameters, including: ECG(7 leads), Resp(2leads), Airflow(1lead), EOG(2 leads), EMG(1lead), Snore(1 lead), SpO2(1lead), Body position.
2) Professional EEG/PSG amplifier integrated all the function of signal magnification, A/D transform, data storage, LCD display and wireless transmission. And it can show one channel waveform ( arbitrarily and can be changed ); Present time, collection time, storage capacity, version information, serial number and battery status.
3) Wireless bluetooth transmission for real-time EEG signal acquisition, it enhance the anti-interference ability, no need to use ground wire or other shield measure.
4) Long-term ambulatory Monitoring with plug and play SD card (at least 2G memory ); EEG data stored inside the amplifier can quick upload to PC.
5) Its flexible to replace any channel with spare channel on the pre-amplifier
6) Integrated EEG/PSG amplifier with expandable 4~8 channels, for central leads, EOG, sphenoid electrode, etc.
7) Optional video system. Synchronized EEG data and video images acquisition
8) Optional flash stimulator to evoke patients epilepsy seizure. Flash simulation is in synchronism with EEG waveform acquisition and the frequency and time of flash stimulation can be set arbitrarily.

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