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3-CH Mini Recorder
Code ID: MiniHolter
Model ID: MiniHolter
Certificate: ISO
Removable SD memory card, fast data transfer and quick turnaround
High resolution and sample rate, large memory capacity makes high quality ECG       
Only one AAA size alkaline battery allows recording for 48 hours 
Mini-type size makes it easy for patient to wear around neck, clip on a belt or fit in a shirt pocket     
ECG Display - LCD displays real time ECG hook-up eliminating the need for test jacks and repeat tests     
Easy-to-use push lever switch to select menus and enter operating parameters and program options      
Preset the patients information into the recorder to avoid confusion, universal design suits facilities with
multiple recorders  
Pacemaker detection and VLP detection        
Disposable portable case available 
Detecting channel:
3 channels ECG
Battery voltage recording channel
Patient Input configuration
5-lead (7-lead, option)
Input dynamic range:
±5 mV ECG, ±300 mV offset voltage
Maximum electrode potentials:
-300 ~ +300 mV (DC)
Recording time:
24 hours (48 hours, option)
Data transfer:
USB card reader
medium SD card (removable)
Memory size :
256 MB (or more)
1 × AAA size alkaline battery
Power consumption :
≤ 0.1 VA
65×52×17 mm
50 g(excluding battery)
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