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8.4 Patient monitor
Code ID: Moni 8H
Model ID: Moni 8H
Certificate: ISO, CE
8.4" color TFT LCD screen Patient monitor(Moni 8H)
Model: Moni 8H
◇ Displayer: 8.4" color TFT LCD screen with maximum 7-waveform display. Adjusting of lightness continuously make patient more comfortable in midnight
◇ Battery: Rechargeable high-energy built-in battery
◇ Advanced streamline outline design, portable, compact, lightweight
◇ Operating menu with multi-language interface selection: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Arabic, Russian, etc.
◇ Easy operation with user friendly menu structure design and rotary dial
◇ Against electrosurgical interference and defibrillation and no need to disconnect the monitor from the patient in process of defibrillating.
◇ WAN communication function to network with central monitoring system and make long-distance monitoring, diagnosis, maintenance and software upgrade possible
◇ Optional built-in wireless networking function
◇ Support external printer to record graph and trend
◇ Intelligent audio and visual comprehensive alarm
◇ In-hospital applications include emergency pre-and post-operative care, ambulatory surgery, intermediate care/step down units, labor and delivery, and hospital-based special procedure areas.
◇ Suitable for use in physicians’ offices, clinics, outpatient surgical centers, extended care facilities and other patient care areas, which of require affordable monitoring
Standard configuration: ECG, HR, PR, SpO2, ST analysis, RESP*2 (RA-LL impedance and nasal cavity), NIBP (with venous punch), TEMP*2(surface and rectal type), Drug dose calculation.
Temperature (surface and rectal)
Measurement range: 25.0 – 45.0 ℃
Accuracy: ± 0.1 ℃
Resolution: 0.1 ℃
response time: ≤ 3 min.
Input: 5 wires ECG cable
Lead section:Ⅰ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ/ aVR, aVL, aVF/ V
Gain(mm/mV): 1/4,1/2,1,2,4
Frequency response: Diagnosis    0.05 - 100Hz
                            Monitor    0.5 - 40 Hz
                          Surgery      1.0 - 25 Hz
Sweep speed(mm/sec): 12.5, 25, 50
Heart rate range: 30-254 BPM
Heart rate accuracy: ± 1 %
ST segment deviation analysis:   -0.8-+0.8mV
ST accuracy:  ±0.02mv
Respiration Rate(RA-LL impedance and nasal cavity)
Measurement range: 0 - 120 BPM(adult)
Accuracy: ± 1 BPM or 5 %
Resolution: 1 BPM
         Operation            Storage
Temperature           0.5 - 40 ℃          -20 - 50 ℃
Relative humidity      ≤ 80%            
Pulse Rate
SPO2 measurement range: 0 - 100 %
Resolution: 1 %
Pulse measurement range: 30- 254BPM
Accuracy: ± 2 %
Resolution: 1 BPM
NIBP (Non-invasive blood pressure)
Measurement type : adult, pediatric, neonatal
Measurement range: Systolic  4.0 - 37.0 kPa
                           Diastolic   1.3 - 33.0 kPa
                           Mean         2.6 - 35.0 kPa
Accuracy : ± 0.4 kPa or 5 %
Resolution: 0.1 kPa
Protection: over pressure
IBP(Invasive blood pressure) (with venous punch)
Measurement range: -1.3~40kPa (-10~300mmHg)
Channel: 2 channel
Transducer sensitivity: 5MV/V/mmHg
Unit display: KPa or mmHg selectable
Power requirements
Input:  98~260 V AC,  50/60Hz
Consumption:    ≤ 80VA
Optional configuration: Wireless connection, Recorder and, 2-IBP
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