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Ambulatory ECG(3-CH)
Code ID: HT-1305
Model ID: HT-1305
Certificate: ISO, CE

Ambulatory ECG System
3/12-CH Recorder

Model: HT-1305

1.The "pager" sized durable mini-recorder can be put into your pocket. The compact design allows patients to go about their daily activities without being burdened by the utilization of the recorder.
2.Highly advanced integration design allows a compact conformation to improve reliability and is shock and vibration resistant.
3.Convenient single-button operation, accompanied by a three color LED for easy recognition of operation mode, extremely easy to operate.
4.Advanced designed amplifier and A/D convertor circuits allows the signal fidelity index to exceed traditional standards. The sampling rate can be adjusted from 256 to 1000Hz. The resolution can be as high as 1/4096, which not only allows a superior high quality ECG, but also reflects the changes in ST segment as well as SAECG.
5.Data storage utilizes advanced SD card technology; this technology allows for a more compact configuration for storage of all ECG data.
6.The designed structure ensures the SD card cannot be dislodged at any time. Unsuccessful recording is avoided.
7.International standard electrode placements (5 or 7 electrodes/3-channel, 10 electrodes/12-lead).
8.Independent pacemaker detection channel with highest sampling rate up to 10000Hz.
9.Pre or Post record patient information into the system jointly with the patient diary, to provide auxiliary reference for the analysis of ECG.
10.The wireless infrared interface provides real-time monitoring function. The quality of patient hook-ups can be previewed "live" to increase data quality and ensure valuable clean data, which effectively lowers artifact and reduces re-testing. In addition it can be utilized as a wireless ECG monitor
11.Preset the patients information into the recorder to avoid confusion, universal design suits facilities with multiple recorders.
12.The USB2.0 technology allows fast playback within 30 seconds, which greatly improves efficiency
13.One AA size alkaline battery allows recording for 72 hours
14.The softwares structural technology allows seamless and endless potential to update future analysis.Shinova is continually updated and adding new analysis capabilities.


Detecting channel: 3-channel ECG (HT-1305)
                                  12-lead ECG (HT-1304)
Independent pacemaker detection
Battery voltage recording channel
Patient Input configuration: 5 or 7 electrodes (HT-1305)
                                                 10 electrodes (HT-1304)
Input dynamic range: ±5 mV ECG, ±300 mV offset voltage
Recording time: 24 hours (48/72 hours, option)
Data transfer: Full-disclosure transfer: USB card reader
Pre-set & real-time data transfer: Wireless infrared
Storage medium: SD card
Memory size: 256 MB or more
Battery: 1×AA size alkaline or rechargeable battery
Dimensions: 85×59×20 (mm3)
Weight:  70g (excluding battery)

PC minimum requirements:
Pentium III 500 MHz or higher
1024×768 resolution
System requirements: Windows 9x/2000/XP/Vista.

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