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Anaesthsia System
Code ID: AM-301
Model ID: AM-301
Certificate: ISO, CE

Anaesthsia System(AM-301 )
Model: AM-301

Main feature:
◆ Be used for closed, semi-closed, semi-open inhalation anaesthesia, controlled or assisted ventilation, monitoring and display of the ventilation parameters.
◆ Applied for adult and child.
◆ Compacted breathing system meets the standard of ISO 8835-2. Good airtight, easy to operation, clearance and sterilization.
◆ Vaporizer meets the standard of ISO 8835-4. Accurate concentration, temperature、flow and pressure compensation technology. Various options of Isoflurane, Enflurane, and Sevoflurane.
◆ Anaesthesia ventilator meets the standard of ISO 8835-5.
Gas driven and electrically controlled
LCD screen
IPPV、SIPPV、SIMV ventilation mode
Inhalation platform and PEEP function
Alarm, indication and protection functions for high pressure、leadoff and apnea
Built-in battery for backup power source
Main technical specification:
●Power : AC 22OV, 50Hz
●Gas: O2, N2O          Working pressure: 0.28MPa~0.6MPa
● Flowmeter
――Adjusting range
O2 flowmeter (Double tubes): 0.1~10L/min
N 2O flowmeter (Double tubes): 0.1~10L/ min      
――Interlock device to ensure the O2 concentration not less than 25%.
● Vaporizer: (Isoflurane, Enflurane, sevoflurane.  Double or single vaporizer option)
Range of concentration: 0~5%
Temperature、flow and pressure compensation technology
●Adjusting range of main ventilation parameters
Frequency: 1/min~100/min
I/E Ratio: 2:1~1:6
Tidal Volume: 0L~1.5L
●Ventilation parameter monitoring:
Digital display: tidal volume, minute ventilation, frequency, airway pressure, O2 Concentration, and waveforms.
● Alarm, indication and protection for;
Power off, low voltage of battery, minute ventilation beyond the limit, pressure beyond the limit, O2 concentration beyond the limit, Apean, and insufficiency of O2, etc.

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