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Auto Coagulation Analyzer
Code ID: CL-8B
Model ID: CL-8B
Certificate: ISO,CE
Min. Order: 1 PCS

CL-8B Automated Coagulation Analyzer
    Optical measurement           Coagulation measurement
    Chromogenic measurement      Immunological measurement 
·8 channels, simultaneously operating for all channels. Display results of all channels.
·Swift test rate, little sample volume
·Probes on double/single arm add sample,  automatically check the liquid level, clean by itself, automatically pre-heating and control temperature, excellent crash prevention capacity at level and vertical direction.
·Provide reagent pre-heat area and sample pre-heat area. Automatically keep temperature and real time display the temperature of pre-heat channel 
·Provide cooling area for reagent storage, some reagent stations with automatically stirring function 
·Cuvette moving automatically with no corresponding tip of voice or word 
·Perfect cleaning function to guarantee no pollution
·STAT sample priority
·Input sample or reagent information through scanning
·Automatically calibration, quality control and conversion of test result.
·Automatically save calibration data and daily data.
·Possible to up-load data from analyzer, standard curve can be print out directly.
·Multi-language menu, easy to operating , user can edit test item and test method.


·8 test channels
·Test rate  190T/H for PT, 150T/H for APTT
·Wavelength  880nm, 470nm
·Sample capacity  120 holes 
·Reagent capacity  38holes
·Cuvette  264 pieces 
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