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Blood Glucose Meter
Code ID: GM-26
Model ID: GM-26
Certificate: ISO, CE
Blood Glucose Meter
Model: GM-26
Sample: Fresh capillary whole blood
Sample volume: Minimum 1.5 uL
Assay method: Glucose oxidase biosensor
Unit of measure: mmol/L (mg/dl optional)
Strip: GM-26 glucose test strip
Test time: 5 seconds
Measuring range: 1.1mmol/L-33.3mmol/L
Display: LCD
Memory: 250 test results
Power supply: One CR 2032 lithium battery(DC 3V)
Battery capacity: up to 1000 tests
Function: Downloadable 250-value memory with 7-,14-and 30-day averaging
       Automatic temperature monitor
       Automatic battery monitor and low power alarm
       Support error message
Operating ranges: Temperature: 5-45℃
            Relative humidity: ≤80%
            Altitude: up to 3000 meter
Weight: Approximately 36g with battery
Dimension: 78×58×22mm (LWH)
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