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Coagulometer(Single Channel)
Code ID: CL21
Model ID: CL21
Certificate: ISO, CE
Min. Order: 1 PCS

A single-channel coagulometer, CL 21 is designed to perform all routine tests such as PT, aPTT, TT, Fibrinogen and clotting factors. It is fully controlled by build-in microprocessor. Among its features are 16 sample capacity and 37℃dry incubation block.

It operates with an automatic counter that is triggered off when the start agent is added to the sample and stops once the clot is formed.

The results are both printed and displayed in second and in concentration. PT data are printed with RATIO and INR Value; all programs are stored with personalized parameters.


Measuring System: photometric    
Beam source: tungsten
Incubation: temperature controlled 37℃+0.1℃,capacity for 16 cuvette and 2 reagent bottles.
Magnetic Stirring Motor:for measuring cuvette.
Data entry: keyboard.
Display: back-illuminated liquid crystal.
Printer: build-in micro-printer, 58mm paper width.
Operation language: English, other language available
Power supply: 220V/50Hz,110V/60Hz
Dimensions: 30cm*35cm*15cm
Weight: 4.0Kg

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