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Color Doppler System
Code ID: DopScan 1000
Model ID: DopScan 1000
Certificate: ISO,CE
Min. Order: 1 PCS
-Clinical Application: Clinical, ambulance, outdoor emergency etc
-Triplex Display: Real-time triplex display B/ Color Doppler/ Pulsed Spectral Doppler (Three TGCs can be adjusted respectively)
-THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging) technology: Suppress speckle noise, brighten image and improve the image quality
-One-key Optimization: One key for eight-parameter adjustment, easy image optimization.
-Powerful Measurement Software: Versatile clinic-oriented measuring software package
-Image Management: Versatile image format/ large capacity cineloop storage/ preview/ edit
Main features:
-Electronic linear/convex/electronic micro-convex
-15 inch medical LCD screen
-8-segment TGC
-Abundant imaging modes of
 B, B|B, 4B, B/M, M
 Color Doppler (CFM)
 Power Doppler (PDI)
 Directional Power Doppler Imaging (DPDI)
 Pulsed Wave Doppler (PWD)
 B+PWD (Duplex)
 High Pulse Repetition Frequency (HPRF)
 Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI)
-General measurement and calculation of Distance, Length, Area, Circumference, Volume, Angle, Stenosis %, A/B Ratio, Velocity, Pressure Gradient (PG), Acceleration,Resistivity  Index (RI), Heart Rate, Velocity Time Integral (VTI), etc.
-Versatile measurement & report packages of Obstetrics, Gynecology, Abdominal, Urology, Endocrinology, Vascular, Cardiology, etc.
-Comprehensive peripheral ports of video, VGA, TV, USB2.0, DICOM3.0
-Supporting both laser and video printers
-Various saving formats such as AVI, JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, DCM (DICOM)

Standard configuration:
3.5MHz convex transducer

4.5MHz convex transducer
3.5MHz micro-convex transducer
5.0MHz micro-convex transducer
9MHz linear transducer
10MHz linear transducer
6.5MHz transvaginal transducer
8MHz transvaginal transducer
7.5MHz endo-rectal transducer
Biopsy guide for convex transducer
Video/laser printer
Thermal printing paper
Reconstruction 3D and Image Optimization software packages


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