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Color Doppler
Code ID: P-3000
Model ID: P-3000
Certificate: ISO,CE
Min. Order: 1 PCS
Color Doppler Ultrasound System(P-3000)
Model: P-3000
Product Description:
● Advanced ergonomics
● 15 inch high-resolution LCD monitor
● Articulating monitor arm
● Ergonomic control panel
● Backlit keyboard
● Conveniently-arranged cables
● 4-wheel swivel with a locking function
● 3 active probe connectors
● Front and rear handle
Superior Image Quality:
● ePure: Adaptive image micro-environment enhancement
● eFCI: Frequency compound image
● eSCI: Spacial compound image
● eView: Panoramic imaging technology and Tripezoid Imaging to extend the visualization and possibility
● Self-adaptive color artifact clearance
● Superior B-mode imaging
● 2D with harmonic imaging
● Smooth(2D)
● Noise rejection(2D)
● Accurate spatial resolution in color and power doppler
● High sensitivity doppler image
● Post Image Processing
● Improved efficiency
● eSpeed: Auto-one button image optimization
● Menu optimization for most common use items
● Customized Annotation Menu and body mark
● A wide range of clinical applications
● Powerful and flexible image management
● Easy data recording
● USB ports
● DICOM3.0

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