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ENT Treatment Unit
Code ID: TU-900
Model ID: TU-900
Certificate: ISO, CE
Min. Order: 1 PCS

ENT Treatment Unit
Model: TU-900

Function Introduction:
Combined luxurious treatment table with ergonomic curve design offers operational convenience to doctors
New compressed air spray gun with various spray nozzles for oil, liquid and powder, characterized by fine spray, no blocking and adjustable pressure.
Smart LCD control system shows excellent performance. Besides, the equipment is well-equipped with spray gun, suction gun, blowing gun,(a reserved port for lighting), laryngoscope preheating device, luxury film viewer, built-in cold light source(halogen), adjustable seat as well as warm water rinsing system(optional).
Additional barrel cup of soaking disinfection specialized for endoscope is easy to use.
A joint for ENT microscope(optional) is reserved.

Standard configuration:
Facula-gathering illuminating light ------------- 1
Spray gun(unbent 3 & bent 1) -------------------- 4
Blowing gun ------------------------------------------ 1
Suction gun ------------------------------------------- 1
Laryngoscope pre-heater ------------------------- 1
Instrument tray --------------------------------------- 2
Cotton cup --------------------------------------------- 6
Waste tray---------------------------------------------- 1
Medical bottle ----------------------------------------- 6
Medical vessel ---------------------------------------- 2
Halogen cold light source ------------------------- 1
Built-in waste tank ----------------------------------- 2
LCD intelligent control system ------------------- 1
Compressor ------------------------------------------ 1
Vacuum pump ---------------------------------------- 1
Blow-off equipment system ----------------------- 1
Luxury doctor stool ---------------------------------- 1
Luxury thin film viewer  ----------------------------- 1
Technical parameters:
Rated Voltage: 220V-240V / 50Hz-60Hz
Rated Power: 1600VA

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