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Emergency Surgical Light
Code ID: SL600E
Model ID: SL600E
Certificate: ISO, CE

Emergency Stand Surgical Light(SL600E)
Model: SL600E
Main feature:
1.Water ripple panel is made of German PC (anti-bullet plastic) by injection moulding, makes the light softer and more reliable.
2.Focusing system has a delicate structure, and easy to change bulb and the ceramic seat; detachable handle cover can take high temperature (≤134°) sterilization treatment.
3.With back up bulb automatic switch function, when the main bulb was burnt, auxiliary lamp will be lighted in 1/2 second. There’s failure indication in the handle control panel, to recommend the bulb to be changed after operation.
4.Offering soft start up unit, extending the serve life of the bulb effectively. Adopting the imported long life halide-tungsten bulb, the bulb life can be up to 1000 hours.


Type SL600E (Emergency)
Illuminance(Lux) 120,000Lux
Colour temperature(k) 4500±300
Colour reduction index(Ra) 94
Illuminance depth(mm) 1050
Total irradiance (W/m2) 426
Size of light field (mm) 160-280
Irradiance ratio and intensity of illumination(W/m2 lx) 3.3
Rated power of bulb(V/W) 24/150
Service life of illuminant (H) 1000
Power supply voltage AC110V-240V(50HZ-60HZ)
Brightness adjustmen Automatic8-stage continuous light adjustment
Shift of major and stand by lamps Automatic
Emergency time (hours) 2
Packing list   
Light Head and spring arm Size  95*92*44(cm)
Light Head NW/GW 38kg /26kg
Base   76*53*38(cm)
NW/GW 44kg/37kg
SL600E CBM 0.54M3

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