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Fetal Doppler
Code ID: 5000A
Model ID: 5000A
Certificate: ISO, CE
Min. Order: 30 PCS
Compact and light weight, easy to operate
Accurate fetal heart rate (FHR) detection
FHR displayed with value and curve
Maternal SpO2 and heart rate (HR) are available
Advanced digital signal processing (DSP) technique is applied for real-time calculation of FHR
High sensitive transducer, low ultrasound power
Date and time display, battery capacity indicator
Memorable speaker volume control
Auto power off for energy saving technique
Built-in speaker and ear-phone output
Ultrasound working frequency: 1.0MHz or 2.0MHz
Working mode: continuous wave or pulsed wave
Range: 50-210 bpm
Precision: 1 bpm
Accuracy: ± 2 bpm
Isata: < 5 mW/cm2
Display: 60X37mm dot LCD display
Speaker: 0.5~1 W
Dimension: 30(depth) X 85(height) X 130(width) mm
Weight: 275 +/- 25g
High performance probe, FHR value display, Auto FHR algorithm, Back-light, Date time, Battery status display
FHR curve display, SpO2 and HR
Standard accessory:
1 charger, 1 bottle of gel, 2 cells
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