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Fixed Digital X-Ray
Code ID: UniFlat
Model ID: UniFlat
Certificate: ISO, CE, FDA
Min. Order: 1 PCS
Fixed Digital X-Ray
Model: UniFlat
Based on BTR-640 DR system, but with CCD detector, the system provides very clear images; With imported high voltage generator and X-ray Tube, right and stable dosage of X-ray is generated; With C-arm design, makes the operation of system flexibly from different directions.
Detector: CCD detector, with high modulation transfer function, excellent dynamic response, lower dosage of X-ray radiation, but provides very clear images.
Movable stand: Multi-function integrated design, for flexible operation.
Software: Worklist for disease database entry; DICOM 3.0 for image transmitting and printing.
Design: C-arm design.
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