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Fundus Fluorescein
Code ID: FC-2400C
Model ID: FC-2400C
Certificate: ISO, CE

Fundus & Fluorescein angiography
Model: FC-2400C

1. Retinal camera systems provide stunning high resolution 16 megapixel images with extraordinary speed, detail, contrast and color fidelity.
2. It can be used to document Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Degeneration and other sight threatening conditions.

Field Scope Up to 53 degree
Working distance 40mm
Non-mydratic Camera Supporting
Minimum pupil diameter 3.3mm
Fundus fluorescein angiography Flash and dynamic angiography
Observation light source Infrared light
Refractive compensation range ≥±15D
Fixation External fixation
5 Internal fixation(9 internal fixation optional)
Assisted Alignment Two round dots alignment
Focus way Manual, Auto
Exposure way Manual, Auto
Internet interface Dicom 3.0 interface, Lan(Optional)
The second viewing screen Optional (7”LCD)
Eye position recognition Auto
Working distance Horizontal±30 degree up and down ±12.5 degree
Working distance 42mm±2mm
Moto-table Electric Moto-table
workstation Electric Moto-table
printer High quality inkjet printer


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