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Code ID: CombiHolter
Model ID: CombiHolter
Certificate: ISO, CE, FDA
Min. Order: 1 PCS
Holter&ABPM Combiner
Synchronized ambulatory ECG&BP is just one of the advanced multi-parameter products. This Holter/ABPM boasts advanced high resolution Holter technology accompanied by reviewable analysis ABPM. It is widely applicable in clinical research, trial research and ECG diagnostics. It is Chinas exclusive Holter/ABPM device.

1. 3 choices of programmable working modes: ambulatory ECG only (3-lead full-disclosure), ABPM only or synchronized ambulatory ECG and ABPM
2. Small and smart, the lightweight recorder is very comfortable to wear with little or no need to alter the patients daily activities.
3. Highly integrated design saves space and improves the performance and reliability, adding to the recorders durability, impact and shock-resistance.
4. With graphics displayed on LCD, you can view items such as current heart rate, total of beats, ECG of each lead, current or past blood pressure, next BP testing time, battery voltage, the cuff pressure value during inflating and deflating, and the number of beats in the process of BP testing. Visual icons and menu ensure easy access. ECG can be previewed to check electrode and lead connections to ensure high quality signal recognition.
5. Highly anti-jamming electrode connection, to assure universal electrode use while achieving high-quality signals.
6. With special amplifier and A/D convertor circuits, the recorder boasts a high fidelity of signal processing surpassing traditional standards, a 128Hz sampling frequency, a 1/1024 resolution as well as a clear and accurate display of ECG. 
7. Reviewable blood pressure recording not only includes tabulated numerical data results, but also provides every artery pulsation waveform for possible review analysis
8. Innovative intellectualized liquid control system ensures stable pressure and more accurate testing results. Quick inflation and linear deflation are completely imitates the auscultation process of physicians.
9. In the event of ECG abnormalities such as tachycardia, bradycardia and ST changes, the blood pressure testing will be initiated, thus better associating the two with each other. (Needs to be preset)
10. For a patient whose blood pressure jumps suddenly, the cuff will be automatically inflate to the proper pressure.
11. For a patient whose blood pressure jumps suddenly, the cuff will be automatically inflate to the proper pressure.
12. Wide dynamic range automatically adjusts to patients’ blood pressures and pulsations.
13. Automatically monitors the battery and automatically stops in the event of a voltage insufficiency.
14. Large memory SM card is adopted to ensure 24-hour recording of comprehensive ECG and ABPM without compression while providing a solid compact size. The recorded data is preserved without damaged in the case of voltage shortage or battery accidentally being removed.
15. Conforms to the international standards with 7 electrodes and 3 leads.
16. Specially-designed pressure security system will not allow overpressure or air deflation failure.
17. The wireless infrared interface features real-time monitoring, which not only ensures the proper utilization, but also enables the recorder to be used as a wireless ECG and blood pressure monitoring system.
18. Patient data and account information can be loaded into the recorder in advance to avoid possible mistakes, an appealing feature for multiple recorder facilities.
19. USB 2.0 technology allows quick transfer within seconds, enhancing efficiency.
20. Independent battery voltage recording channel records the 24-hour battery voltage curve that can externally estimate battery capacity and help analyze a possible breakdown.
21. All the functions in the ambulatory ECG software and ABPM software are fully embedded.
3 channels ECG
Battery voltage recording channel
Patient Input configuration
10 mm/mV (standard), 5 mm/mV, 20 mm/mV
Input dynamic range
-5 ~ +5 mV
Maximum electrode potentials
-300 ~ +300 mV (DC)
Input impedance
>= 5 M ohm
Input circuit current
<= 0.1µA
Common mode rejection ratio
>= 60 dB
Frequency response range
0.05 ~ 40 Hz (+0.4 dB, -3.0 dB)
Sample Rate
128 Hz/channel
A/D resolution
10 bits
Blood pressure
Method of measurement
Oscillometric method
Indicating range
0 ~ 300 mmHg
Recording range
Systolic 50 ~ 260 mmHg
Diastolic 30 ~ 180 mmHg
±3 mmHg
Recording time
24 hours
Data transfer
Full-disclosure transfer
Pre-set & real-time transfer
Card reader
Wireless infrared
Storage medium
SmartMedia card
Memory size
>= 64 MB
4 x AA size alkaline batteries
124 x 68 x 31 mm
180 g (excluding batteries)
Safety type
Type B equipment with Internal power source
PC minimum requirements
Pentium III 500 MHz or higher
1024 x 768 resolution
System requirements
Windows 9x/2000/XP
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