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Holter System
Code ID: CardioScan-II(12-ch)
Model ID: CardioScan-II(12-ch)
Certificate: ISO,CE,FDA
Features of Customized Holter Recorder(Hardware)

Support Max 24 inch monitor display
Support Black and White Printer or color printer, can use color printer to print color report
Customized Holter Recorder
Customized Holter Recorders have FDA Certificate
256Hz Sample Rate
USB 2.0 high speed playback
24 hours ECG record
One AAA battery
Has Event button, ECG collect light shining
Mini Holter Recorder, Dimension:88mm*55mm*21mm Wight: About 060 grams
Customized Recorder:300-3A:3-lead, Customized Recorder:300-4A:12 lead
Connect Holter Recorder with PDA to view & print ECG wave in real time
Writing Pen(Optional)
Support electronic case history signature
Barcode Scanner(Optional)
After connect with HIS, support Barcode scanner scan case history automatically

Features of Customized Holter System(Software)
1.Original color printed report, can print color printed ECG reports.
2.Support USA HL7 interface, support DICOM port, support Germany GDT format, support Microsoft SQL network interface, compatible with network protocol in future.
3.Support doctors digital signature
4.Support different doctors custom conclusion, and can read out Automatically
5.Support self-designed head letter in the first page of report, hospitals can design their different special head letter.
6.Support Holter Satellite System, can set up analysis center at central hospitals
7.MEGA Scan color printed and arythmias color marked
8.Patients information enroll function, can pre-record the patients information into the recorder, to avoid data mix up.
9.Pacemaker page scan function, can look through the patients pacemaker data quickly.
10.Auto Baseline Straightening function during the whole period.
11.Auto atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter analysis.
12.Auto save various arythmias ECG sections.
13.Strong analysis function of ST, 12 lead ST tendency chart comparison, doctors can re-analysis any ST section, Lively 3D ST graph apply you a clear idea about the Cardiogram.
14.QT/QTc Analysis Validation Program.
15.Unique Function Sleep Apnea Monitoring with detection of SAS episodes.
16.High-performance advanced pacemaker analysis function, fit to VVI, AAI, DDD etc various types ot pacemakers.Auto notify and analysis the fail pace-making ,atrioventricular asquential pacing, ventricular pacing, ventricular fusion wave etc.
17.PDF Outputs for Immediate E-mail achieve the ECG data and reports share to different doctors and carry out remote consultation.
18.Strong data base management function, can use different terms to complete datas retrieval and accessibility, PDF Outputs for EMR(Electronic Medical Records)
19.Support many countries languages like: Chinese, English, French,German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Polish etc.
20.Newest Window 7/Vista/XP compatible.

Holter Recorder

12-Ch Holter Recorder

Lead: 12 or 3
Recording time: upto 3 days
Memory: built-in flash memory
Sample rate: 256-4096Hz
Power: 1*AAA battery supply

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