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Infant Radiant Warmer
Code ID: BRW-2000
Model ID: BRW-2000
Certificate: ISO, CE
Min. Order: 2 PCS

Brief introduction:
1)3 kinds of control mode: Pre-warm mode, Manual mode and Baby mode;
2)Set temperature and skin temperature can be displayed separately;
3)Main body is made of Stainless steel;
4)Double sides phototherapy radiant box;
5)Acrylic glass bassinet;
6)APGAR timer;
7)Blue timer;
8)Failure alarm indication;
9)RS232 connector


1)Power supply: AC220V-230V, 50Hz
2)Input power:850VA
3)Mode of control: Pre-warm mode control, manual mode control and baby mode control by micro-computer
4)Control range of baby temperature: 34.5-37.5℃
5)Indicate range of baby temperature: 5℃-65℃
6)Accuracy of skin temperature sensor: ≤0.3℃
7)Uniformity of temperature: ≤2℃
8)Wave length of blue light: 420~470nm
9)Timing range of blue light: 0~9999hrs 59min
10)APGAR timer: it will give sound when the unit is working on 1′,5′, 10′
11)Failure alarm: over temperature alarm, deviation alarm, sensor failure alarm, power failure alarm, setting alarm, checking alarm and so on.
12)Max. bilirubin radiation on mattress: ≥600uW/cm2
13)Bilirubin uniformity of radiating on the mattress effective range:>0.4

Requirements of environment:
Environment temperature: 18 ℃~30℃
Wind speed of environment: ≤0.3m/s

Package: each unit is packed to one carton
Size (Main body): 94cm x 57cm x 108cm
Gross Weight : 57kg            


Standard configuration:
It is mainly composed of the heater head, temperature controller, bassinet, phototherapy and the stand and so on.

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