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LED Curing Light
Code ID: LC-101
Model ID: LC-101
Certificate: ISO, CE

LED Curing Light Machine
Model: LC-101

1. Cover by Alumum alloy
2. 5W Big power LED
3. High articulation optical fiber
4. Working modes: strong gradually strong, flashing
5. Automatic Standby, Automatic shutdown
6. Low Battery Alert
7. Large-capacity lithium battery
8. Solidify all brands of resin materials


1. Capability of batterty: 2200MA/H 3.7V
2. Working voltage: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz
3. Wavelenght: 450-480nm
4. Light powermore than 1000mw/C2
5. Solidification time and depth: 5s/3mm
6. Large-capacity lithium battery, ultra-long
7. Full charging, to work for 10 seconds each time,can be used continously for more than 500 times.

1. Mainframe: LED light 1 year
2. Power Cord, transformer:1 year
3. Battery: 3 months
4. Can choose colors if you order big quantity
5. Weight: 0.865kg
6. Easy to remove or replace the battery.

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