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Laptop Ultrasound
Code ID: SonoScan L1
Model ID: SonoScan L1
Certificate: ISO,CE
Min. Order: 1 PCS
This versatile linear/convex ultrasound system is ideal for mixed practice. It is designed for bedside use and emergency scanning (triage ultrasound) either on site or in a rescue situation.It is distinguishable by its bright and clear image quality.The probes offer a wide range of diagnostic applications,This scanner is a cost effective solution for family doctors,veterinary scanning.The complete software package,the multi-step zoom,and the high product versatility are available in it. 

Scanning Method:Conves,linear multi-frequency with wide band.
Display Mode:B,B+B,B+M,M
Gray Scale:256 levels
Monitor Size:10.4 TFT color LCD
Image Procession:DFS,DRF,RDA,VGA/DSC and image pre & post
Cine-memory:206 frames (human),256 frames(vet)
32 image permanent storage
Image magnification: ×1.0,×1.2,×1.5,×2.0 times
Multi-step Zoom (1:2) in both real-time and frozen modes
Focusing selectable
Depth adjustable in read-time of B and B+B mode
Image Conversion is U/D,L/R and B/W.
8 different coded-color on a external color monitor
15 different kinds of body marks
Measurement is in Distance,Circumference/Area,Heart Rate、EF rate for heart,and GS,CRL,BPD,HC,FL,AC for OB/GY measurement,and Gestational Age,Fetal weight,EDD calculation.
Characteristic showing in real-time clock,ID,Sex,Age,Focusing info and Hospital Name.

(for human use):
1).R60/3.5MHz multi-freq convex
(for vet use):
2).L60./6.5MHz rectal linear


Standard :
(for human use)
1). main unit + one 3.5MHz convex probe
(for vet use)
2). main unit + 6.5MHz rectal linear probe

(for human use)
1). L40/7.5MHz linear probe
2). R13/6.5MHz transvaginal probe
3). l40/7.5MHz endorectal linear probe
(for vet use)
1). R40/3.5MHz convex probe
2). R20/5.0MHz micro-convex probe
3). L40/7.5MHz linear probe
4). L40/7.5MHz endorectal probe

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