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Mammography X-Ray
Code ID: AMX-1000
Model ID: AMX-1000
Certificate: ISO, CE
Min. Order: 1PCS
AMX-1000 x-ray camera, adopted the molybdenum (Mo) target x-ray tube, is special applied to taking mammograms for the good of making the mastosis and mastocarcinoma diagnoses.
On the definite condition, the ray emerged in the x-ray tube is a combined ray of various wavelengths, including the characteristic spectra and the continuous spectra. The characteristic spectra with the stronger energy are the effective spectra of radiography, and the wavelengths of the characteristic spectra depend on the atomic numbers of the anode target metals. The most appropriate wavelengths for radiography soft tissues are in 0.6× 10-10m ~ 0.7×10-10m.
The atomic number of molybdenum is 42, and its characteristic spectra wavelength is in the range of 0.6×10-10m ~ 0.7×10-10m. Therefore, in the effect to radiograph soft tissues, the Mo target is far superior to the tungsten (W) target.
1) Model AMX1000 is the X-ray camera of electric-shockproof, scattering proof, single focal spot and full-wave silicon rectification.
2) Power supply:  Voltage: 220±10%.
                Frequency: 50Hz
                Current: 6A (instantaneous)
                Power line resistance: ≤1Ω
3) Rating capacity: 34kVp, 30mA, 2s
Max Output Power:  P=0.74×34kV×30mA=0.754kW
Rating Power:       P=0.74×34kV×30mA =0.754kW
X-ray Tube Voltage:  20kV~34kV in 8 steps adjustable
X-ray Tube Current:  30mA
4) Total filtration: >0.03mmMo
5) Range of Timer: 0.4-2s in 9 steps
6) Max. size of the film: 127mm x 178mm.
7) Operation mode: Instantaneous Loading
8) Physiological Effect:
9) Distance from focal spot to skin: >20cm
10) Packing:
   Case measurement: 130cm×76cm×200cm
   Gross weight: 200kg.
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