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Mobile Digital X-Ray
Code ID: DR200M
Model ID: DR200M
Certificate: ISO, CE, FDA

Mobile Digital Radiography System
Model: DR200M

Product Feature
Easy moving:
With the advanced modern rack design,the system can be moved in all directions easilly.
The large flexible motor-driven wheels keep the balance of the system,saving doctorss time and energy to move it into patient room,ICU or other places.
Moreover,the intelligent anti-collision buffer ensures the security of main system and patients when moving.
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Easy positioning:
The revolutionary rotation column and flex arm,which can be operated and locked easily,are very convenient for doctors to position.Doctors only need to press the controller button under the tube for arm rotation,arm extension,and vertical movement of the X-ray tube.
To be specified,the tube and collimator can be rotated around the arm on horizontal and transverse direction,which allowing special positioning to be done easily.
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Easy operation:
Getting rid of the traditional data wire,the flat panel detector(FDP) with a large imaging area and light weight design offers doctors more convenience to operate.
The remote exposure controller allows doctors to operate the system in other room easily.
Our proven imaging software brings doctors faster imaging and more stable image processing.
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Easy diagnosis:
The instantaneous images displayed on the large integrated LCD touch screen after exposures,will be processed by the advanced inside workstation automatically.So doctors can diagnoses on the touch screen easily without any adjustment and interruption.
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Easy radiography:
DR200M is equipped with Anatomically Programmed Radiography (APR) that can be customized by the user, making it easier for X-ray patients by presetting different types of exam. X-ray imaging conditions can be set by simply choosing a target region, image view and body thickness.

DR 200M generates low ripple, stable X-rays for fast and highly accurate radiography, meanwhile, wrong or missing filters can be eliminated easily.
Most notably, pediatric examinations are achieved with a very low X-ray dose.
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Easy pre-and post-processing:
DR200M simplifies the workflow and offers doctors more options in pre-and post-processing functions, such as reviewing, outputting, storaging images in the special inside DR workstation.
What’s more, DR 200M is equipped with systematic and comprehensive support with DICOM, multiple connection with RIS / HIS / PACS, fast image storage, browsing, querying, and printing.

Mobile digital radiology system speeds up exam times
The DR200M, a fully-integrated mobile digital radiography system developed by Shinova, is set to impress with its ergonomic design for easy-to-handle mobility, positioning at patients bedsides and most of all speed and quality of imaging.

In just a few seconds after exposure at a bedside, the motor-driven X-ray unit, with its acclaimed large area CCD detector, can rapidly provide high-definition images to view on the 15” LCD touch screen. All of which makes the DR200M ideal not only for exams of ward patients, but also for urgent trauma assessment and use in intensive care units (ICUs).
With dual motor drivers, the system can easily be moved in all directions. ‘The intelligent anti-collision buffer ensures the security of the main system as well as patients when moving,’ Shinova points out. ‘The rotating column and telescopic arm are more convenient for positioning. In addition, the tube and collimator can be rotated around the arm in a horizontal and transverse direction for special positioning. It is also very easy to review, output and store images in its specially designed DR workstation, and to print film via USB or Dicom.
The DR200M features advanced FPD technology, APR and green low-dose imaging, which simplifies workflow and offers doctors’ more pre- and post-processing


Standard Configuration:
High frequency and high voltage generator
Proven X-ray tube
Excellent FPD detector
Mobile rack
Advanced imaging system

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