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Mobile Digital X-Ray (DR)
Code ID: KeenMate
Model ID: KeenMate
Certificate: ISO,
Min. Order: 1 PCS
+ Advanced technologies
+ Optimized clinical workflow
+ Outstanding operability
+ Efficient APR function
+ Fast bedside imaging
+ Automatic image processing
+ Fully Dicom compatible
+ Superior DR image quality

Standard Configuration:
+ High Voltage Generator
+ X-ray tube
+ FPD Detector
+ Rack
+ Collimator
+ Imaging system

Outstanding operability:
KeenMate provides you with faster and optimized clinical workflow. With the compact design, outstanding imaging power, easy maneuverability and positioning, KeenMate offers you more digital advantages.

Efficient APR function:
Anatomically Programmed Radiography(APR) settings make it possible for X-ray patients to take various examinations, especially for ICU patients. Meanwhile, wrong or missing filters can be eliminated. Most notably. Pediatric examinations can be achieved with low X-ray exposure.

Automatic image processing:
In addition, KeenMate allows basic image processing to function directly, such as adjusting brightness, contrast, and edgeen hancement etx. After exposure, the images can be processed automatically with the self-installed software. Compared with an alog unit, there is no need of exposure again when parameters or operations happened to be missing.

Fully Dicom compatible:
The Dicom function facilitates more convenient patient registration. Sending and printing functions enable easy teansmission and printing of all X-ray images to the hospital network.

Superior DR image quality:
With the advanced HSO, IOP, PEA technologies, and high quality imaging system, our DR30M offers you high spatial resolution, high density resolution, and high sharp images.



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