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Mobile Monitor
Code ID: Loco
Model ID: Loco
Certificate: ISO,CE

Mobile Monitor
Model: Loco

Can connect with iPad, Smartphone, Computer, etc.

Mortoring Paramter:
Stardard six-parameter: ECG, NIBP, SPO2, RESP, TEMP, PR

1. Adequately utilize modern mobile communications (GPRS) and Internet transmission technology to transmit the data timely on the basis of the traditional monitoring.
2. Through Bluetooth, serial port (COM) and USB to connect with iPad, computer and other devices to carry out data exchange and corresponding analysis.
3. Uploading patients’ data stably and timely. Removable, convenient, reliable and continuouse monitoring upgrades traditional monitoring to
modern removable device.
4. Fit for urgency room, hospitals, community medical centers, family wards etc. It greatly improves basic medical products’ level and functions as well as build up a platform for improvement of diagnosis and management level for low-level hospitals.

- Singal power support, above DC 12V 2A power PCBA recommended (Quiescent current: 154mAh Average electronic current: 154mAh. The highest electronic current is 380mAh).
- Detector has the function of automatically connecting the device that was connected last time.
- Small in size, flexible in installment, highly reliable and accurate in testing.
- Rapid, accurate testing.
- Continuously work
- Directly connecting with PC
- Working temperature ﹣10℃-﹢40℃
- EMC Standards
- Weight: 0.62KG
- Size: 24cm*16.5cm*5cm
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