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Modular Monitor
Code ID: Moni M90
Model ID: Moni M90
Certificate: ISO, CE, FDA
Min. Order: 1 PCS

Modular Monitor(Moni M90)
Model: Moni M90(Moni T90+Moni E30)

The best high-end modular monitor
Aligned with the worlds leading vitals monitoring technologyand IT application technology, to create the best high-end monitor and provide the most comprehensive monitoring solution.

Moni T90 is indispensable in ICU after operation.
It can update doctors in monitoring center and sound the alarm when there is a condition.
Timely heads-up isvital to control the disease and facilitate the recovery.

Comprehensive data displayed
Functional module unlimitedly scalable, auto-identifysoftware, auto-adjust interface.

4+1 slots
4+1 slots for functional modules, support hot plugging, free combination of any module, data transmitted via infrared between module and monitor.

Digital application
Getting ready for All-in-one Search Engine in the future electric information integration.

Comprehensive data displayed
Up to 12 channels of waveforms displayed on the same screen, free combination and switching of any parameter waveform; medical record informatization, complete patient hospital records available to review detailed monitoring information of all vital signs.

Come standard with Moni E30
The versatile Moni E30 module monitors 6 parameters and has a 4.3" LCD and an independent operation system.
It can be used as a module of Moni T90 or work on its own.



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