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12 Patient Montior
Code ID: Moni 5D
Model ID: Moni 5D
Certificate: ISO, CE

Monitor type
Class I anti-electricity shock device
Class A EMC device
This monitor is common airproof device and is not able to prevent liquid from entering unit.
Method of Sterilization/ disinfection: Please refer to Chapter VII.
Working way: continuous.
Monitor specification
Size and weight of monitor
Size: 310mm x 300mm x 160mm Weight: 6.5Kg

Working surrounding
Temperature range: Working  5~40?C
Transport and Storage   -20~55?C
Relative humidity: less than 80%, non-condensing
Air pressure: 86kPa~106kPa
Electricity specification: AC100V~252V, 50/60Hz, import power 70VA 

Display: Color 12.1 inches TFT display screen, DPI 800×600, One indicator
Display information: Maximum 12 channel display
One power/ state indicator
Two alarm modes of audio and video corresponding with alarm state.

Signal port
Input impedance: >5MΩ
Input loop circuit: <0.1μA
Co-module restrain ratio: >85dB 

4AH /12 V lead acid chargeable battery.
Working hour under normal state and full power, is more than four hour.
It can continue to work for 5 minutes after the first alarm.

Record width:  48mm
Speed:        25mm/S
Scanning wave: one or two channel

Trend review:  96hours, DPI can be adjusted by the need.
Alarm review:  All the parameters alarm review
NIBP measure review: ﹥1400 NIBP measure data review

Lead mode: 5 leads  (R,L,F,N,C)
Lead way:  I II III avR avL avF V
Wave:     7 channels
Gain:      1/4,1/2,1,2,Auto
Heart rate and alarm
Range:  adult: 0-300 bpm (pulse/min) ,Child/ neonate: 0-350 bpm (pulse/min.)
Deviation:  1 bpm
Sensibility:  > 200 uV(peak value)
Input impedance:  >5MΩ
Co-module restrain ratio: > 85 (dB)
Electrode polarized voltage range: ?300mV
Leakage circuit:       <30uA
Baseline recovery time: after defibrillation <3s
ECG signal range:  ±10 (mV)  (peak value)
Frequency response (bandwidth): Operation mode: 1-25 Hz
                              Monitoring mode: 0.5-35 Hz
                              Diagnosis mode: 0.05-100 Hz
Rated signal: 1mV (peak value), accuracy: ±3%
ST segment test: Measure and alarm range: -1.0mV ~ +1.0mV

Technology: Oscillometric
Measurement modes: Auto, manual, STAT
Measure interval time under automatic measure mode: divided into 14 levels. It can be set in “NIBP” menu.
Pulse range: 0~300 bpm
Patient type: Adult(A),Pediatric(P),Neonatal(N)
Range of SIS: 40~280(A), 40~220(P), 40~135(N)mmHg
Range of DIA: 10~220(A), 10~160(P), 10~100(N)mmHg
Range of mean: 20~240(A), 20~170(P), 20~110(N)mmHg
DPI: 1 mmHg
Deviation: Maximum mean deviation: ?5mmHg or ?5%,to choose the bigger value of the two.
Over voltage protection:
        Adult mode: 300 mmHg
        Pediatric node: 180 mmHg
        Neonate mode:  120 mmHg

Measure range: 0~100%
Low alarm range: 1~95%
DPI: 1 %
Accuracy:  ±2% when 80%-100%, ±3% when 60%-79%, not to be demanded when under 60%.
Alarm retarding time 10 seconds
Pulse: range: 20~300bpm
Deviation: ±3bpm

Way:  CO2 /impedance
Differential input impedance: >2.5MΩ
Bandwidth:  0.3~2.5 (Hz)
Resp. rate range: 7~150 times/min(impedance) 7~120 times/min(CO2)
DPI:   1 time/min.
Deviation:  ±2 times/min or ±10% of reading, the bigger value of the two.

Channel number:  double channel
Measure and alarm range: 0.0-50.0?C
DPI: 0.1?C
Deviation: ±0.2?C   
Average measure time: 〈 10s 
IBP (optional)
Sensor: Disposable, OHMEDA DT-4812 or BD、EDWARD compatible
Driving voltage:+5Vdc±2%
Sensitivity: 5uV/V/mmHg
Channel : 1--2 channels
Measure range:  ART: 0~300 mmHg ,  PA : -6~120 mmHg,  CVP: -10~40 mmHg
RAP : -10~40 mmHg,  LAP: -10~40 mmHg  ICP: -10~40 mmHg
P1, P2 -10~300 mmHg
DPI: 1mmHg
Accuracy   (not including sensor): ±2% or ±1mmHg, to choose the bigger.
Bandwidth  Normal mode: DC~40Hz  Filter mode: DC~12.5Hz

EtCO2 (optional)
Measure range: 0~99 mmHg
Accuracy: ?2mmHg, when CO2 concentration is in 0-5.0%,
no larger than ±8% of the readings, when CO2 concentration is >5.0%


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