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Multi-para Patient Montior
Code ID: Moni 5E
Model ID: Moni 5E
Model: Moni 5E(15 inch)
l Feature
15 inch touch color TFT screen
Standard Six parameters: ECG, NIBP, SpO2, RESP, TEMP, PR
(EtCO2 & IBP & Printer & Touch screen is optional)
OxyCRG Dynamic View display, Trend Coexist display and etc.
13 type Arrhythmic Analysis, Multi-Lead ECG Waveforms Display in Phase
Real time ST Segment analysis, pacemaker detection
15 type Drug calculation and titration table
Efficient resistance to interference of defibrillator and electrosurgical cautery
SpO2 can testing for 0.1& weak, high accuracy
Over-pressure NIBP protect for patients safety
Anti-ESU, anti-defibrillator; RA-LL impedance Respiration
Large volume of tabular and graphic trends information storage and easy to recall
UP to 4 hours working capacity of built-in rechargeable battery
 Monitor type
 Class I anti-electricity shock device
 Class A EMC device
 This monitor is common airproof device and is not able to prevent liquid from entering unit.
 Method of Sterilization/ disinfection: Please refer to Chapter VII.
 Working way: continuous.
 Monitor specification
 Size and weight of monitor
Size: 310mm x 300mm x 160mm Weight: 6.5Kg
 Working surrounding
Temperature range: Working  5~40°C
Transport and Storage   -20~55°C
Relative humidity: less than 80%, non-condensing
Air pressure: 86kPa~106kPa
Electricity specification: AC100V~252V, 50/60Hz, import power 70VA 
Display: Color 15 inches touch TFT display screen, DPI 800×600, One indicator
Display information: Maximum 12 channel display
One power/ state indicator
Two alarm modes of audio and video corresponding with alarm state.
 Signal port
Input impedance: >5MΩ
Input loop circuit: <0.1μA
Co-module restrain ratio: >85dB   
4AH /12 V lead acid chargeable battery.
Working hour under normal state and full power, is more than four hour.
It can continue to work for 5 minutes after the first alarm.
Record width:  48mm
Speed:        25mm/S
Scanning wave: one or two channel
Trend review:  96hours, DPI can be adjusted by the need.
Alarm review:  All the parameters alarm review
NIBP measure review: ﹥1400 NIBP measure data review
Lead mode: 5 leads  (R,L,F,N,C)
Lead way:  I II III avR avL avF V
Wave:     7 channels
Gain:      1/4,1/2,1,2,Auto
Heart rate and alarm
Range:  adult: 0-300 bpm (pulse/min) ,Child/ neonate: 0-350 bpm (pulse/min.)
Deviation:  1 bpm
Sensibility:  > 200 uV(peak value)
Input impedance:  >5MΩ
Co-module restrain ratio: > 85 (dB)
Electrode polarized voltage range: ±300mV
Leakage circuit:       <30uA
Baseline recovery time: after defibrillation <3s
ECG signal range:  ±10 (mV)  (peak value)
Frequency response (bandwidth): Operation mode: 1-25 Hz
                              Monitoring mode: 0.5-35 Hz
                              Diagnosis mode: 0.05-100 Hz
Rated signal: 1mV (peak value), accuracy: ±3%
ST segment test: Measure and alarm range: -1.0mV ~ +1.0mV
Technology: Oscillometric
Measurement modes: Auto, manual, STAT
Measure interval time under automatic measure mode: divided into 14 levels. It can be set in “NIBP” menu.
Pulse range: 0~300 bpm
Patient type: Adult(A),Pediatric(P),Neonatal(N)
Range of SIS: 40~280(A), 40~220(P), 40~135(N)mmHg
Range of DIA: 10~220(A), 10~160(P), 10~100(N)mmHg
Range of mean: 20~240(A), 20~170(P), 20~110(N)mmHg
DPI: 1 mmHg
Deviation: Maximum mean deviation: ±5mmHg or ±5%,to choose the bigger value of the two.
Over voltage protection:
        Adult mode: 300 mmHg
        Pediatric node: 180 mmHg
        Neonate mode:  120 mmHg
Measure range: 0~100%
Low alarm range: 1~95%
DPI: 1 %
Accuracy:  ±2% when 80%-100%, ±3% when 60%-79%, not to be demanded when under 60%.
Alarm retarding time 10 seconds
Pulse: range: 20~300bpm
Deviation: ±3bpm
Way:  CO2 /impedance
Differential input impedance: >2.5MΩ
Bandwidth:  0.3~2.5 (Hz)
Resp. rate range: 7~150 times/min(impedance) 7~120 times/min(CO2)
DPI:   1 time/min.
Deviation:  ±2 times/min or ±10% of reading, the bigger value of the two.
Channel number:  double channel
Measure and alarm range: 0.0-50.0°C
DPI: 0.1°C
Deviation: ±0.2°C                         
Average measure time: 〈 10s      
 IBP (optional)
Sensor: Disposable, OHMEDA DT-4812 or BD、EDWARD compatible
Driving voltage:+5Vdc±2%
Sensitivity: 5uV/V/mmHg
Channel : 1--2 channels
Measure range:  ART: 0~300 mmHg ,  PA   : -6~120 mmHg,  CVP: -10~40 mmHg
RAP       : -10~40 mmHg,  LAP: -10~40 mmHg  ICP: -10~40 mmHg
P1, P2 -10~300 mmHg
DPI: 1mmHg
Accuracy   (not including sensor): ±2% or ±1mmHg, to choose the bigger.
Bandwidth  Normal mode: DC~40Hz  Filter mode: DC~12.5Hz
Measure range: 0~99 mmHg
Accuracy: ±2mmHg, when CO2 concentration is in 0-5.0%,
no larger than ±8% of the readings, when CO2 concentration is >5.0%

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