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Code ID: CardioPC
Model ID: CardioPC
Certificate: ISO
Min. Order: 1 PCS


ECG Workstation

Features Literature Technical Gallery Main features:

1)12-lead simultaneous acquisition and display
2)Connecting with PC through USB interface, no need extra power supply
3)Possible for temporary diagnosis of ECG by pressing “Printscreen” key
4)Advanced ADS ensures smooth baseline with VCG analysis
5)Real-time communication with PC
6)Various printing format of 1*12, 2*6+, 4*6+, VCG and TVCG
7)Multi-format ECG files can be saved, edited or printed out on A4 paper
8)ECG files can be saved in Word and BMP formats, convenient for sharing in internet or remote diagnosis



Standard configuration:

CadioPC acquisition box
CadioPC Workstation software disk
DRM dongle
USB/RS232 connecting cable
Chest electrode
Limb electrode

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