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Resting 12 Lead ECG(Mobile)
Code ID: CardioScan(Mobile)
Model ID: CardioScan(Mobile)
Certificate: ISO, CE
Resting 12 Lead ECG 4 Add-on (Mobile ECG)
(Base on Microsoft Windows CE)
Real time 12-Lead ECG monitoring and sampling via Blue tooth transmitter or USB device
Blue tooth wireless or direct isolation cable download
4096 Hz Sampling Rate
   12-Lead ECG Monitoring for simple real-time ECG control
   12-Lead Resting ECG  for monitoring and storage of up to 90s ECG’s
   Emergency ECG for continuous ECG monitoring and immediate e-mail transfer of 10s ECG strips reports (see above "ECG print out" picture)
   Review any stored ECG
   Direct print function to wireless printer or via cable
   Interactive Ruler for interval and amplitudes measurements
   Download stored ECG’s to « CardioScan Resting 12 Leads » for interpretation
   Download Raw ECG data to « CardioScan Resting 12 Leads » via e-mail, or phone
   ▪ Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0, 6.1 CE Compatible 
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