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Code ID: MSA99
Model ID: MSA99
Certificate: ISO, CE
Min. Order: 5 PCS
1) Capacity(VC), forced vital capacity(FVC), Maximum Ventilatory Volumen(MVV). Measurement algorithm refers to the IFS,ERS standards of the American Thoracic Society(ATS)
2) Adopting pressure-flow sensor, sensitive, precise, easy to launder, clean and druable
3) All parameters can be dispalyed on the oversized screen(320×240), built-in memory can store maximum 300 cases of patient measurement results
4) The instrument can calibrate atomatically, all English operation, more convenient to operate
5)  110mm themal printer built-in, can print out a clear clinical report, predicted value, measured value
6) Measurement of breathing time: VC time 50 seconds, FVC measuring time 25 secongs, MVV time 12 seconds. in favor of the coordination between patients and the device
7) Compact and flexible
8) Dimension: 280×210×72mm, Weight: 1.7 Kg(net)

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