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HF Surgical X-ray
Code ID: HX-D6000(N)
Model ID: HX-D6000(N)
Certificate: ISO, CE
High Frequency X-ray System
Model: HX-D6000(N)
The unit is available for medical teaching, research, medical units for gastrointestinal X-ray spot film photography, remote control compartment, fluoroscopy and other Traumatic Radiography etc of X-ray routine examination, Can be used for  gastrointestinal imaging, cholangiography, Urinary tract imaging and Deep vein imaging and other imagings ; Can used for fluoroscopy of esophagus, breast, gastrointestine, Abdomen and limbs and spot film photography; Can do the operation of Fracture reduction and Taking foreign body from  in vivo .
Features :
1. Diagnostic table
·1)Visual display of man-machine interface, touch screen control, makes man-machine conversation more intuitive, convenient and easy to understand.
·2)Programmable controller technology, high control precision, good stability, excellent anti-jamming performance
·3)Inverter control technology, When the table move, it can soft start, soft stop, smooth no noise, more accurate positioning
·4)Reliable, high precision of angular displacement sensor technology, low dynamic noise, and long mechanical life.
·5)High-resolution of rotary encoders, high accuracy of auto-slice, security and stability.
·6)Rotation range of 90 ° ~ 0 ° ~ -25 °, can take routine examination of digestive organs , can also be used for a variety of special examination
·7)Humanized Design of diagnostic table lateral switch , near station positioning make the operation more convenient.
·8)Toshibas high-quality image intensifier, to further enhance image sharpness, contrast, more easily, to clearly identify Lesions.
·9)Move a wide range of spot film device, apply the operation fo People do not move with the operation of motor way easily to complete taking from the throat, esophagus,To the lower abdomen of a series of examinations .
·10)Spot film box open on their own, safe and reliable operation.
2. Generator
•1)With X-ray Radiography and perspective function of generator, maximum output power of 50 kW.
•2)Output voltage of 150 kV.
•3)With a smaller, lighter, modular design.
•4)In the exposure process, kV and mA can be adjusted to achieve a constant radiation output.
•5)Large-screen LCD flat panel used to display the APR conventional conditions and practical projects.
•6)User-friendly system configuration.
•7)Operator can modify the APR technology items.
•8)Provide APR /-ray tube data downloads.
•9)A variety of automated diagnostic procedures, and operators with prompts
.•10)With serial RS232 communication interface
•11)Operation can be individually programmed for the APR, and APR and manual techniques for programming options
•12)Programmable settings, calibration, and conduct regular APR (by connecting an external computer).
•13)For ABS (Automatic Brightness Stabilization) circuit select four kinds of kV and mA curve.
Technical parameter
Power supply
internal resistor
Digital X-ray high voltage system (import high-frequency generator )
Power Output
Inverter Frequency
Tube Voltage
40kv—150kv step regulation
Tube Current
10mA—630mA step regulation
Exposure time
1.0s—6300ms step regulation
Control interface
Touched LCD
Tube Voltage
40kv—125kv step:2kv continuous regulation
Tube Current
0.5mA—6mA continuous regulation
Automatic brightness for fluoroscopy IBS
Automatic brightness tracking,multiple settings beforehand 
Digital Controlled X-ray Tube
(Toshiba, Japanese)
Tube Focus: Large Focus/Small Focus
1.2mm /0.6mm
Input Power
Large focus:75kW  small focus: 27kW
thermal capacity
Rotary anode speed
Micro-computer control digital tube remote diagnostic table
Material of the tabletop
 high strength、low absorb carbon fiber
Rotation of the table
Transverse travel of table
Longitudinal travel of the photography holder and film spot device
X-ray Focus—film gauge
1100 mm—1500 mm
Rotating foot plate
±360° rotation
Full film photography size
Dividing method for spot film
Full film, half dividing, three parts dividing, four parts dividing
Control method for diagnostic table
Remote、table control、frequency conversion soft starting and stopping
beam limiter        
Electric Multi-leaf
Voice interaction
Two-way microphone system
fixed bucky device for table
Grid density: 103L/INCH, Grid ratio: 10:1,focusing distance: 120cm,fixed type: 15″×18″
Digital Image TV System
Image Intensifier
TOSHIBA (9″) Image Intensifier
high resolution CCD (digital cameras)
ultra-low-luminosity, Sony 470,000 pixels
14〞medical high definition monitor, horizontal  central resolution ratio :1000 lines,fringe: 800 lines,video bandwidth: 12.5MHz,50bit,image number/second: 25 frame
Digital Picture Processing System
(CCU Sentinel)
High definition line by line output mode, 8 level noise reduction,store 8 image;LIH(freeze the last frame),the image can be turned vertically and horizontally,positive and negative image; OSD(monitor show)
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