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Vascular Doppler
Code ID: DBV-620VP(TFT)
Model ID: DBV-620VP(TFT)
Certificate: ISO, CE

Vascular Doppler
Model: DBV-620VP(TFT)

DBV-620VP(TFT) LCD displays the wave of the instant blood flow average velocity and strength. It  prints the monitoring blood flow curve simultaneously;
Detect the blood stream status of arterial/venous by 8MHz probe;
Detect the blood flow average velocity, detect the result of fingers/toes and part of bodys vein anatomies operation;
DBV-620VP(TFT) portable bidirectional vascular Doppler with large color LCD screen;
Built-in ARM microprocessor & real-time displays blood flow velocity waveform;
Can store 50 detected waveforms;
High-speed USB/RS -232 port, can be connected directly to computer to analyze, store, and print the waveform data;

Detect peak and average blood speed
Detect blood flow of peripheral vessel
Detect subsection systolic pressure
Detect phlebostenosis, vein occlusions
Detect Systolic pressure of toes and fingers
Detect blood speed during recovery
Delect the pulse rate and show PR simultaneously

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