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X-ray Film Viewer
Code ID: GT-A
Model ID: GT-A
Certificate: ISO

The X-ray film illuminator is suitable for various sizes of X-ray film, CT-film, and other films.
At present, it is an ideal viewing implement for hospitals or medical institutes at home and abroad.It is elaborately designed to meet the modern image diagnosetic requirements.

The frame of screen is made of aluminium-alloy shape, its structure is reasonable.
The screen is composed of import with polymethyl methacrylate, it is beautiful and novel.
The frame of the viewer´S body is made of special aluminium-alloy shape in domestic.It is shaped whoely, never distorted.It is stiffer, safe, and durable.
With built-in advanced clipping set, films are easy to be clipped or taken out and clipping firmly.
The screen is connected with the box body by built-in automatic locking set, it is conveniently to check and maintenance.

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