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  • Veterinary Infusion Pump
    • Veterinary Infusion Pump
  • Veterinary Infusion Pump
    Infula 110V
    Infusion Pump
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3.5-inch color touch screen, easy to operate and easy to read

Infusion rate is up to 2000ml/h, and the increment is more accurate to 0.01ml/h

Infusion heating function to make patient animals comfortable

Dual CPU control of working data to ensure safe infusion

A variety of infusion modes to satisfy the veterinary clinical needs

Real-time clock display to ensure that infusion process is recorded

Flow rate and preset volume can be changed during the infusion

Anti-bolus prevents big shock after unblocking

Multiform alarms of sound, light and text to remind veterinary staff in time

More than 30,000 historical storage records may be transferred to computer for permanent storage

Large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery supports continuous work for 12 hours

IP24 waterproof grade, safe and reliable

Drop sensor, nurse call interface, wireless infusion monitoring system (optional)


Infusion rate: 0.1-2001ml/h, increment: 0.01ml/h

Infusion mode: Rate mode, Drip mode, Time mode, Body Weight mode, Drug library mode, Micro mode, Intermittent mode, Dose mode, Program mode, TPN mode, Shift mode

Infusion accuracy: ±5%

Applicable infusion set: Various brands of standard infusion sets

Volume to be infused (VTBI): 0-36000ml, increment: 0.01ml/h

Volume infused: 0-36000 (ml)

KVO rate: 0-10ml/h

Bolus rate: Manual Bolus/Automatic Bolus: 0.1~2001ml/h

Purge rate: 0.1-2001ml/h, Purge VTBI: 0-36000ml

Air bubble detection: Ultrasound sensor detection with 6 levels of air in line

Occlusion pressure: 13 adjustable occlusion levels

Alarm: Use battery, Door open, Occlusion, Almost done, No operation, Infusion completion, Low Battery, Battery exhausted, malfunction etc.

Functions: Anti-bolus, Change flow rate and VTBI without stopping infusion, Intelligent pressure detection alarm, History records more than 30000, Transmit to computer, Heating function, Standby function (1min-24hours adjustable), Buzzer volume adjustable

Power supply: AC: 100~240V, 50/60Hz

Battery: Rechargeable Li_Polymer battery, 7.4V 6800mAh

Battery charging time: 24 hours with power on, 7 hours with power off

Battery operating time: 12 hours at 25ml/h

Power consumption: 35VA

Classification: Class I, type CF

Waterproof: IP24

Dimension: 97×185×126mm (LxWxH)

Weight: 1.62Kg


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