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    •  Multi-parameter Veterinary Monitor
    •  Multi-parameter Veterinary Monitor
    •  Multi-parameter Veterinary Monitor
    •  Multi-parameter Veterinary Monitor
    •  Multi-parameter Veterinary Monitor
    •  Multi-parameter Veterinary Monitor
    •  Multi-parameter Veterinary Monitor
    •  Multi-parameter Veterinary Monitor
    •  Multi-parameter Veterinary Monitor
    •  Multi-parameter Veterinary Monitor
  • Multi-parameter Veterinary Monitor
    Moni 5BV
    Multiparameter Monitor
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    Cat, Dog
    Operating Room, Exam Room, ICU Room


Moni 5BV animal monitor is easy to carry,with 800*600  8inch color TFT-LCD screen,size of main unit is 175*210mm,thickness is 80mm,weight of main unit with battery is 1.35KG.  Packing carton of each unit is 13*38*27CM, weight of patient monitor with accessories and packing material is 2.6KG.



1, Waterproof design appearance,low power consumption,without air fan and silence,use 13—20V output DC,battery working time is at least 5.5hours,recharge time is 2.5hours. Suitable for medical field rescue, ambulance, move and transit.

2, display mode of big font, trend review, ECG 7 lead,support one key operation,touchable screen is optional. Suitable for all working places,can used for neonate,child,adult,support mode of diagnose, monitor, operation.

3, 15 type arrhythmic analysis,7-lead ECG waveform display in phase. 15 type drug calculation and titration table.

4, efficient resistance to interference of defibrillator and electrosurgical cautery,respiration can choose I\II,meet requirement of operation, ward.

5, use digital SpO2 technology,can test for 0.1% weak,high accuracy.

6, anti-ESU,anti-defibrillator,RA-LL impedance respiration,digital filtering.

7, double over-pressure NIBP protect,temperature drift.



Lead mode;  3-lead or 5-lead cable

3-lead;RA, LA, LL,lead way:I,II,III

5-lead;RA, LA, LL, RL, V,lead way;I,II,III,aVR,aVL,aVF,V

gain;  ´250,´500,´1000,´2000

Heart rate range;adult;15 300bpm (pulse/min.)      neonate/child;15 350 bpm(pulse/min.)

accuracy;±1% or ±1bpm,

resolution;1 bpm(pulse/min.)

sensitivity  >200 uV(peak-to-peak value)

Input resistance >5(mge)


Diagnostic mode;0.05130Hz

Monitor mode;0.540Hz

Operation mode;120Hz

Common mode rejection ratio

Diagnostic mode;>90 dB

Monitor mode:>100 dB

Operation mode:>100 dB

The electrode polarization voltage range  ±300mV

Pacemaker pulse detection

Can test following;

range;±2 mV ±700mV

width;0.1ms 2ms

rise time;10us100µs

Pacemaker pulse suppression

When turn on pacemaker pulse,can restrain following data, does not influence pulse rate calculation;

range:±2 mV ±700mV

width:0.1ms 2ms

rise time:10us 100µs

Baseline recovery time after defibrillation< 3>

Sign range ±8 mV (peak-to-peak value)

Calibrating signal 1mV(peak-to-peak value),accuracy  ±5%

ST measurement

Measure range;-2.0mV +2.0mV

Measure accuracy;in range of -0.8 mV+0.8mV  the tolerance is  ±0.02mV or ±10% take bigger one.

Undefinition in other range.


Way:  RA-LL impedance and RA-LA impedance.

Range: 0.33Ω

Base impedance range 2004000Ω

Band width 0.12.5Hz

Respiration rate

range adult;2120BrPM   child and neonate;2150 BrPM

resolution;1 BrPM

accuracy;±2 BrPM

Apnea alarm 1040 seconds



Mode: manual/auto/STAT

Measurement inerval time under auto mode is 1,2,3,4,5,10,15,30,60,90,120,180,240,480 minutes.

Measurement time under STAT mode is  5 minutes.

Pulse rate range   40240 bpm

Measurement range and accuracy


adult    SIS           40270mmHg

          DIA          10215mmHg

          mean     20235mmHg

child    SIS           40200mmHg

          DIA        10150mmHg

          Mean      20165mmHg

neonate   SIS         40135mmHg

              DIA        10100mmHg

              mean       20110mmHg

Static pressure range      0300mmHg

Static pressure accuracy        ±3mmHg

Blood pressure accuracy;              maximum average error ±5mmHg;largest standard deviation    8mmHg

Over-pressure protect

Adult mode                300 mmHg

Child mode                240 mmHg

Neonate mode        150 mmHg


range             0100%

resolution               1%

accuracy                70100%;±2;0%69%;undefinition

Pulse rate

range             20300bpm

resolution              1bpm

accuracy                ±3bpm


Suitable temperature probe  YSI,CYF

Channel number:  1 channel

range      050°C  resolution     0.1°C   accuracy   ±0.1°C(do not include error of probe)


Standard configuration

1. main unit(include battery)             1pc

2.5-lead ECG cable                          1pc

3.surface temp.probe                      1pc

4.adult NIBP cuff                            1pc

5.NIBP tube                                   1pc

6.adult SpO2 sensor                        1pc

7.power cord                                 1pc

8.electrode                                   1package



Optional functions

Touchable screen



Optional accessories

1, 14.8V2.2AH Li-ion battery

2, adult,pediatric,neonate(fingertip,finger stall,wrap) SpO2 sensor

3, adult,pediatric,neonate NIBP cuff

4, various CO2 sampling pipes

5, 3-lead,5-lead ECG cable in Euro or USA standard

6, surface and coelom temp.probe

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