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  • CO2 Insufflator
    • CO2 Insufflator
  • CO2 Insufflator
    Veterinary Laparoscope
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Fully automatic silent design

Free choice of three flow rates: 4L/6L/10L

Special insufflator for animals, especially for small animals like dogs, cats, etc.

Automatic alarm function and safe procedure monitoring

To provide wide view and surgical space for animal laparoscopic surgery to connect with CO2 cylinders 


Flow rate: 4L/min, 6L/min, 10L/min

Maximum flow rate: 10L/min, adjustable

Preset pressure: 0.67kPa~3.30kPa (5mmHg~25mmHg)

Control accuracy: ±0.13kPa (1mmHg)

Power: 40w

Gas source: medical CO2

Working pressure alarm: When it exceeds 4.40kPa±5% (i.e. 33mmHg±5%) for more than 3 seconds, it will alarm and relieve the pressure to the set pressure.

Cylinder pressure alarm: When the cylinder gas output pressure is ≤0.29MPa (3kgf/cm2), the insufficiency machine will alarm to remind ventilation.

Ambient temperature: 5℃~40℃

Relative humidity: 30~75%

Atmospheric pressure: 70kPa~106kPa

Power supply: AC 220V, 50Hz


Main unit, high-pressure tube, decompressing valve, silicone tube, power cord, fuse, etc.

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