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  • Large-volume Low-speed Centrifuge
    • Large-volume Low-speed Centrifuge
  • Large-volume Low-speed Centrifuge
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The sturdy rotor adopt alloy aluminum, hard oxidation, corrosion resistance.

Blood components separation: It can separate 4x450ml triple blood bags or 8x200ml triple blood bags with quick centrifugation programs, compact design as well as ideal cost-effectiveness.

Multiple adapters available, accommodate to almost all the tubes used in hospitals. Swing rotor 6x500ml, it can spin up to 168pcs vacuum blood collection tube in one cycle, meet the requirement of high-volume mass centrifugation in hospital.

It can handle the samples with large capacity or with multiple tubes.

Equipped with triple protection structure of inner chamber, jacket and housing. Non-contact imbalance protection and multiple protective functions, including the protection of over-speed, over-temperature, motor over-heating as well as door lid, ensure safety of samples, centrifuge and operator.

Featuring 10 ACC and 11 DEC rates to prevent second emulsion or turbid, to achieve best centrifugation result.

In Manual mode, parameters can be set quickly. RCF and speed be shifted by just touch the key. The stability of temperature and speed during spinning can be viewed through the curve.

Running data, error code record and operation record can be stored through the system setting. Chinese/English/German/French/Spanish operation language optional. And user authority management and other characteristic functions can be managed as well.

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