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  • Wheeled Foldable Groomin Table
    • Wheeled Foldable Groomin Table
  • Wheeled Foldable Groomin Table
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Polka dot pattern: black, blue, green and pink
Diamond pattern: black, blue, grey and red
☆ The table adopts rubber-plastic composite materials which make it skid-resistant, wear-resistant, static-free and easy to
☆ The table board is made of high-pressure and high-density board which prevents it from moisture and deformity.
☆ The table is wrapped at its rims by aluminum alloy sections which make it artistic and durable.
☆ The monolithic molding of the stainless fixture made of nylon makes the fixture strong, solid and durable.
☆ The two-section suspenders made of stainless steel are prevented from stain, convenient to adjust the length. With plastic
binding chains and nylon binding belts, it enjoys wide applications.
☆ T he table leg of GT-90W is made of equilateral steel pipes of 3.2CM with a rubber case fixed at the bottom to give the
table extra solidarity.
☆ With the large rubber wheels of 22CM in diameter and 6.5CM in wheel width, the table is equipped with a pull rod and a
steering component that allows for long-distance haul. The bundling hook attached to the table makes it possible for cargo
loading or mobile door-to-door service.
☆ T he table can be folded for storage.


Size: 95*55*78cm

Packing Size: 100*21*61cm

Gross Weight: 26kg

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